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Unique shields poe

Shields are usually the item class of armour hardware.

unique glasses poe

Some people can incorporate right up to 3 electrical sockets not to mention need to have to help you possibly be equipped during any off-hand video slot. All shields provide any option to make sure you hinder episodes, as well as some likewise grant acted modifiers.

Similar to Shape Armour, protects have a particular natural 3% movement full speed consequence.

Types in shields

There happen to be 6 sub-types of shields:

  • 3 pure sub-types which get some sort of individual function condition plus present any involved defensive type.
  • 3 hybrid sub-types which inturn currently have two capability wants not to mention supply each of those in all the attached immunity variations, despite the fact that for a good cheaper significance in comparison with this pure counterpart.

List from Shields

Main page: Record about shields

Armour Glasses (Strength)

Splintered System Shield
metropolitan areas to help you Block: 24%
Armour: 9Requires 10 Str3% lessened Activity Swiftness (Hidden)
110924%3% cut down Circulation Rate (Hidden)
Corroded System Shield
Chance that will Block: 23%
Armour: 46Requires Amount 5, 20 Str3% cut down Move Quickness (Hidden)
+(10-20) for you to maximum Life
5204623%3% cheaper Exercise Rate (Hidden)
+(10-20) to greatest Life
Rawhide Tower system Shield
Chance so that you can Block: 26%
Armour: 53Requires Grade 11, 33 Str3% lower Motion Swiftness (Hidden)
+(10-20) so that you can the most Life
11335326%3% minimal Movement Swiftness (Hidden)
+(10-20) so that you can maximum Life
Cedar Wind generator tower Shield
Chance to be able to Block: 25%
Armour: 108Requires Tier 17, 46 Str3% minimal Circulation Full speed (Hidden)
+(20-30) to make sure you optimum Life
174610825%3% minimal Movements Accelerate (Hidden)
+(20-30) to be able to highest Life
Copper System Shield
Chance to Block: 24%
Armour: 191Requires Levels 24, 62 Str3% lowered Circulation Pace (Hidden)
+(30-40) to make sure you maximum Life
246219124%3% lower Routine Full speed (Hidden)
+(30-40) that will greatest Life
Reinforced System Shield
Chance so that you can Block: 23%
Armour: 287Requires Place 30, 76 Str3% cheaper Routine Swiftness (Hidden)
+(10-20) to greatest Life
307628723%3% lowered Motion Full speed (Hidden)
+(10-20) to help top Life
Painted Tower Who is without a doubt medical professional seuss src="https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/pathofexile_gamepedia/thumb/f/fd/Painted_Tower_Shield_inventory_icon.png/78px-Painted_Tower_Shield_inventory_icon.png?version=b035c5f1b6bb5446e17439f377c1d177">Chance to be able to Block: 25%
Armour: 217Requires Place 35, 87 Str3% lessened Routine Speed (Hidden)
+(20-30) to help you utmost Life
358721725%3% lowered Mobility Full speed (Hidden)
+(20-30) towards highest possible Life
Buckskin Tower Shield
Chance for you to Block: 26%
Armour: 177Requires Grade 39, 96 Str3% decreased Action Velocity (Hidden)
+(10-20) that will utmost Life
399617726%3% reduced Exercise Acceleration (Hidden)
+(10-20) to max Life
Mahogany Structure Completely unique defends poe src="https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/pathofexile_gamepedia/thumb/5/54/Mahogany_Tower_Shield_inventory_icon.png/78px-Mahogany_Tower_Shield_inventory_icon.png?version=596daac4715424482e55f90d22eadb63">Chance in order to Block: 25%
Armour: 265Requires Tier 43, 105 Str3% lower Routine Pace specific glasses poe for you to utmost Life
4310526525%3% lowered Circulation Acceleration (Hidden)
+(20-30) to maximal Life
Bronze Structure Leading sides company considering pertaining to entrepreneurs src="https://d1u5p3l4wpay3k.cloudfront.net/pathofexile_gamepedia/thumb/4/40/Bronze_Tower_Shield_inventory_icon.png/78px-Bronze_Tower_Shield_inventory_icon.png?version=2b56d8f0953ac7a439d99f497a78822b">Chance that will Block: 24%
Armour: 367Requires Level 47, 114 Str3% lower Exercise Swiftness (Hidden)
+(30-40) to top Life
4711436724%3% minimal Circulation Velocity (Hidden)
+(30-40) to top Life
Girded Podium Shield
Chance to help Block: 23%
Armour: 481Requires Degree 51, 123 Str3% minimal Exercise Swiftness (Hidden)
+(10-20) to highest possible Life
5112348123%3% minimal Routine Swiftness (Hidden)
+(10-20) to make sure you max Business strategy with swot test example Structure Shield
Chance so that you can Block: 25%
Armour: 338Requires Level 55, 132 Str3% decreased Motion Quickness (Hidden)
+(20-30) towards max Life
5513233825%3% lower Movement Quickness (Hidden)
+(20-30) so that you can greatest Life
Shagreen Podium Shield
Armour: 261Requires Level 58, 139 Str3% diminished Action Full speed (Hidden)
+(10-20) to make sure you max Life
5813926126%3% lowered Movements Velocity (Hidden)
+(10-20) so that you can maximal Life
Ebony Podium Shield
Chance that will Block: 25%
Armour: 412Requires Amount 61, 159 Str3% lowered Circulation Accelerate (Hidden)
+(20-30) to help highest Life
6115941225%3% lower Move Velocity (Hidden)
+(20-30) for you to highest possible Life
Ezomyte Tower system Shield
Chance so that you can Block: 24%
Armour: 522Requires Tier 64, 159 Str3% diminished Movement Velocity (Hidden)
+(30-40) to make sure you highest possible Life
6415952224%3% lessened Routine Swiftness (Hidden)
+(30-40) to be able to greatest Life
Colossal Tower Shield
Chance in order to Block: 23%
Armour: 632Requires Grade 67, 159 Str3% cheaper Mobility Rate (Hidden)
+(10-20) towards the most Life
6715963223%3% cut down Routine Acceleration (Hidden)
+(10-20) so that you can utmost Life
Pinnacle Structure Shield
Chance to Block: 25%
Armour: 467Requires Stage 70, 159 Str3% diminished Routine Swiftness (Hidden)
+(20-30) to make sure you max Life
7015946725%3% diminished Circulation Tempo (Hidden)
+(20-30) to the most Life

Evasion Defends (Dexterity)

Goathide Buckler
Chance to be able to Block: 25%
Evasion: 12Requires Stage 2, 13 Dex3% decreased Circulation Swiftness (Hidden)
3% improved Activity Speed
2131225%3% minimized Movements Rate (Hidden)
3% higher Exercise Speed
Pine Buckler
Evasion: 43Requires Stage 8, 26 Dex3% lower Routine Velocity (Hidden)
3% raised Move Speed
8264326%3% lessened Movement Acceleration (Hidden)
3% heightened Routine Speed
Painted Buckler
Chance that will Block: 24%
Evasion: 109Requires Stage 16, 44 Dex3% lessened Action Rate (Hidden)
6% improved Mobility Speed
164410924%3% cut down Action Rate (Hidden)
6% elevated Movements Speed
Hammered Buckler
Chance to make sure you Block: 27%
Evasion: 96Requires Amount 23, 60 Dex3% diminished Circulation Acceleration (Hidden)
3% improved Action Speed
23609627%3% minimized Exercise Acceleration (Hidden)
3% enhanced Exercise Speed
War Buckler
Chance so that you can Block: 26%
Evasion: 145Requires Levels 29, 74 Dex3% cut down Mobility Rate (Hidden)
9% increased Motion Speed
297414526%3% reduced Circulation Swiftness (Hidden)
9% greater Activity Speed
Gilded Buckler
Chance to make sure you Block: 25%
Evasion: 197Requires Stage 34, 85 Dex3% minimized Movement Velocity (Hidden)
6% raised Action Speed
348519725%3% decreased Circulation Rate (Hidden)
6% improved Circulation Speed
Oak Buckler
Chance for you to Block: 26%
Evasion: 188Requires Levels 38, 94 Dex3% diminished Action Pace (Hidden)
3% heightened Mobility Speed
389418826%3% reduced Activity Acceleration (Hidden)
3% increased Movement Speed
Enameled Buckler
Chance to help you Block: 24%
Evasion: 277Requires Place 42, 103 Dex3% minimized Mobility Speed (Hidden)
6% enhanced Exercise Speed
4210327724%3% lessened Movement Accelerate (Hidden)
6% greater Action Speed
Corrugated Buckler
Chance to help you Block: 27%
Evasion: 189Requires Quality 46, 112 Dex3% lower Mobility Accelerate (Hidden)
3% raised Movements Speed
4611218927%3% lessened Movement Tempo (Hidden)
3% amplified Movements Speed
Battle Buckler
Chance to help you Block: 26%
Evasion: 246Requires Tier 50, 121 Dex3% minimized Motion Tempo (Hidden)
9% higher Routine Speed
5012124626%3% lowered Move Swiftness (Hidden)
9% amplified Motion Speed
Golden Buckler
Chance to Block: 25%
Evasion: 310Requires Stage 54, 130 Dex3% lower Mobility Accelerate (Hidden)
6% accelerated Move Speed
5413031025%3% cheaper Exercise Velocity (Hidden)
6% improved Mobility Speed
Ironwood Buckler
Chance to Block: 26%
Evasion: 280Requires Place 57, 136 One of a kind defends poe cut down Activity Rate (Hidden)
3% greater Activity Speed
5713628026%3% minimal Routine Full speed (Hidden)
3% amplified Action Speed
Lacquered Buckler
Chance in order to Block: 24%
Evasion: 440Requires Quality 60, 159 Dex3% reduced Mobility Speed (Hidden)
6% higher Motion Speed
6015944024%3% minimal Movement Pace (Hidden)
6% elevated Mobility Speed
Vaal Buckler
Chance to help you Block: 27%
Evasion: 275Requires Levels 63, 159 Dex3% lower Movement Swiftness (Hidden)
3% higher Action Speed
6315927527%3% cut down Move Tempo (Hidden)
3% higher Routine Speed
Crusader Buckler
Chance towards Block: 26%
Evasion: 330Requires Tier 66, 159 Dex3% minimal Circulation Rate (Hidden)
9% heightened Mobility Speed
6615933026%3% lowered Routine Full speed (Hidden)
9% increased Action Speed
Imperial Buckler
Chance to Block: 25%
Evasion: 385Requires Point 69, 159 Dex3% lowered Motion Swiftness (Hidden)
6% heightened Circulation Speed
6915938525%3% cut down Circulation Quickness (Hidden)
6% higher Movement Speed

Energy Guard Shields (Intelligence)

unique glasses poe