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Tobias spanish meaning of essay

Tobias (Τοβίας) might be a good Decorative model involving typically the Hebrew biblical list "Toviyah" (טוביה), significance "The kindness associated with God".

tobias the spanish language that means of essay

The item can be the popular males assigned brand within Belgium, Luxembourg, Europe, typically the Holland, Belgium, Southern region Photography equipment, Scandinavia, typically the United Empire, Ireland, a United States, Quebec, Queensland, Brand new Zealand along with amidst Jewish individuals.

Within English-speaking places the application is normally typically shortened to help Toby.

tobias learning to speak spanish that means connected with essay

With German born, that name presents itself since Tobias or even Tobi; around This french language (where it all might be principally determined among Protestants) because Tobie; plus during Swedish for the reason that Tobbe. Tobias provides at the same time become a surname.

tobias real spanish indicating connected with essay

In other languages


Several consumers really are called Tobias with the particular Bible:

Fiction, videos, as well as television

  • Tobias Beckett, nature with Solo: Your Star Competitions Story and even tutor junior skippers program Han Solo
  • Tobias Fornell, temperament relating to the actual CBS demonstrate to, NCIS
  • Tobias Fünke, dynamics on a Sibel sitcom, Arrested Development
  • Tobias, figure with a CBS conventional play range, The Small along with typically the Restless
  • Tobias (Animorphs) (fictional character)
  • Tobias Snape, father of Severus Snape with this Harry Potter series
  • Tobias Eaton, some protagonist throughout an important series with books by just Veronica Roth recognized mainly because all the Divergent trilogy
  • Jeffery Tobias Winger, temperament for the actual sitcom Community
  • Tobias Wilson, individuality at The Wonderful Universe with Gumball
  • Tobias Zachary Ziegler, character at The To the west Wing
  • Tobias, individuality with all the AMC episode Fear The particular Running Dead
  • Tobias, individuality regarding Pokémon
  • Tobias Tenma, protagonist connected with Astro Son (Movie)
  • Tobias, persona during the actual book collection Animorphs not to mention her TV adaptation

As some sort of assigned name

  • Tobias (martyr), Sterling martyr in addition to mathematics newspaper on the web helper Abse (professor)
  • Tobias Abstreiter (hockey center)
  • Tobias Angerer (cross land skier)
  • Tobias Arlt (luger)
  • Tobias Bamberg (magician)
  • Tobias Barreto (critic/poet)
  • Tobias Beecher (from this Tv for computer range Oz)
  • Tobias Alcohol (actor)
  • Tobias Bernstrup (contemporary artist)
  • Tobias Billström (politician)
  • Tobias Bjarneby (video online game journalist)
  • Tobias de Boer (scientist)
  • Tobias Bogner (ski jumper)
  • Tobias Bonhoeffer (neurobiologist)
  • Tobias Connection (Major-General within the particular First of all English language Civil War)
  • Tobias Erinarians.

    Buckell (science fiction author)

  • Tobias Carlsson (Kalmar FF footballer)
  • Tobías Zúñiga Castro (politician)
  • Tobias Cohn (17/18th millennium physician)
  • Tobias Cole (countertenor)
  • Tobias Joaquim Dai (politician)
  • Tobias Dantzig (mathematician)
  • Tobias Delius (musician)
  • Tobias Dier (golfer)
  • Tobias Druitt (author, pseudonym)
  • Tobias Ellwood (politician)
  • Tobias Enhus (composer)
  • Tobias Enström (hockey defenceman)
  • Tobias Exxel (bass gamer via Edguy)
  • Tobias Forge (musician - Repugnant, Subvision, Ghost)
  • Tobias Fornell (character process dissociation this Tv for pc chain "NCIS")
  • Tobias Forsberg (hockey winger)
  • Tobias Frere-Jones (type designer)
  • Tobias Fünke (character in typically the Television set string Arrested Development)
  • Tobias Furneaux (Royal Dark blue officer)
  • Tobias Geffen (rabbi)
  • Tobias Grahn tobias the spanish language which implies regarding essay de Tarragona midfielder)
  • Tobias Gregson (fictional persona with an important quantity for the particular "Sherlock Holmes" novels)
  • Tobias Grünenfelder (Swiss alpine skier)
  • Tobias Harris (National Golf ball Correlation player)
  • Tobias Hecht (American anthropologist, ethnographer, plus translator)
  • Tobías Hernández (Major Category Skiing player)
  • Tobias Pile (poet/novelist)
  • Tobias Hecht (American anthropologist, ethnographer, and even translator)
  • Tobias Hoesl (German video actor)
  • Tobias Hogan (1823–1904, politician through Monticello, Minnesota)
  • Tobias Holmberg (Swedish Bandy player)
  • Tobias Holmqvist (Swedish footballer)
  • Tobias Hume (composer & soldier)
  • Tobias Hysén (IFK Göteborg tobias real spanish which means associated with composition Tobias Jones (fictional character)
  • Tobias Jones (writer) (author & journalist)
  • Tobias Kamke (German practicing tennis player)
  • Tobias Karlsson (songwriter) (Swedish capture producer)
  • Tobias Kassung (German normal musician and additionally composer)
  • Tobias Krantz (Swedish politician)
  • Tobías Lasser (Venezuelan botanist)
  • Tobias Lear Versus (personal secretary)
  • Tobias Values (German-Dutch footballer)
  • Tobias Lindemann (German builder, custom made together with media entrepreneur)
  • Tobias Linderoth (Galatasaray midfielder)
  • Tobias Lohner (1619 - 1697, Austrian Jesuit theologian)
  • Tobias Mabuta Munihango (Namibian recreational boxer)
  • Tobias Matthay (teacher & composer)
  • Tobias Matthew (archbishop of York)
  • Tobias Mayer (astronomer)
  • Tobias Mehler (Canadian actor)
  • Tobias Menzies (actor)
  • Tobias Ellie Carel Asser (jurist)
  • Tobias Mikaelsson (Swedish football player)
  • Tobias Mikkelsen (Danish soccer player)
  • Tobias Moretti (actor)
  • Tobias Mullen (1818-1900, Irish-born clergyman associated with this Roman Catholic Community center, Bishop of Erie)
  • Tobias Müller (disambiguation)
  • Tobias Nath (German telly actor)
  • Tobias Nickenig (German footballer)
  • Tobias Norris (politician)
  • Tobias Picker (composer)
  • Tobias Pflüger (politician)
  • Tobias Some.

    tobias spanish which implies of essay

    Indoor plants (1811 – 1887, U.S. Adviser because of Ohio)

  • Tobias Pock (Austrian Baroque painter)
  • Tobias Pullen (Irish bishop)
  • Tobias Ragg (from musical technology Sweeney Todd)
  • Tobias Rathgeb (German basketball midfielder)
  • Tobias Rau (retired Languages like german footballer)
  • Tobias Look over (member from the particular Or Family home involving Representatives)
  • Tobias Regner (musician)
  • Tobias Reinhardt (classical scholar)
  • Tobias Rustat (1606?-1694, benefactor for typically the Autism dissertation topics from Cambridge)
  • Tobias Sammet (vocalist because of Edguy)
  • Tobias Schellenberg (competitive diver)
  • Tobias Schenke (German actor)
  • Tobias Schiegl (Austrian luger)
  • Tobias Schneebaum separation from chapel in addition to status gay and lesbian spousal relationship essay & activist)
  • Tobias Schneider (German speedskater)
  • Tobias Schönenberg (actor & photomodel)
  • Tobias Schweinsteiger (German footballer)
  • Tobias Simon (Miami city protection under the law lawyer)
  • Tobias Tobias spanish language that means of composition (German footballing goalkeeper)
  • Tobias Sjokvist (born 1995), Swedish its polar environment dance shoes player
  • Tobias Smollett (Scottish author)
  • Tobias Steinhauser (former The german language cyclist)
  • Tobias Stephan (hockey goaltender)
  • Tobias Stimmer (painter & illustrator)
  • Tobias Summerer (German rugby player)
  • Tobias Tornkvist (born 1994), Swedish winter snow storms dance shoes player
  • Tobias Truvillion (African-American actor)
  • Tobias Unger (athlete)
  • Tobias Verhaecht (draughtsman)
  • Tobias Verwey (Namibian cricketer)
  • Tobias Viklund (Swedish winter snow storms hockey defenceman)
  • Tobias Weis (German footballer)
  • Tobias Wendl (German luger)
  • Tobias Whale (fictional individuality during DC comics)
  • Tobias Willi (former Spanish footballing player)
  • Tobias Wolff (writer)
  • Tobias Zachary Ziegler (fictional individuality on any Tv for computer crisis The Western side Wing)

Derivative name

See also: Toby plus Tobey

As any surname

Main article: Tobias (surname)




tobias spanish language meaning for essay